Logistics, Storage and distribution

Are you in need of the handling for transportation services of goods, company logistics, storage and distribution for your company?

Do you have to move goods from one place to the other side the world, within a certain time frame and by overcoming all the customs export/import problems?

Bliss Moving & Logistics is capable of handling all the organizational activities,
as well as management, with strategic capacity which control the supply chain. That is to say, the flows of goods incoming and outgoing, starting from origin c/o manufactures/suppliers, until delivery of the finished products to the clients.

Our Logistics Division is highly specialized in the Integrated Logistics, storage and Distribution, transportation of the goods and International Freight Forwarding by AIR, OVERLAND TRUCK or by SEA.

Our experts in Logistics will be at your complete disposal as of now, in order to help you satisfy all of your needs! Please read below the solutions which are made to you, so that you can also try that sense of peace and security which is the principle of our services… Please let us Surprise you!

  • Customs clearance services, import and export.
  • Organization of shipments and urgent deliveries, in accordance to predefined time frames and operational working systems, with prompt attitude in responding to all possible variations.
  • Storage, warehousing and distribution of general cargo, in Italy. Europe and worldwide.
  • Packing, palletizing, labeling.
  • Transportation services for Exhibitions and special Events.
  • Transport and shipping by AIR.
  • Transport and shipping by SEA, in container or by groupage container service.
  • Transport and shipping by overland truck: full truck loads or consolidated truck services.


Bliss Check Up Premium™ is an extraordinary consultancy and it gives you the possibility to discover innovated and essential services referred to Transportation, Logistics, Storage, distribution and solutions for the Supply Chain.

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