ISO 9001 Quality Standard Removals

Bliss Moving & Logistics applies to its services Quality Certificate ISO9001:2015 and via this system, we continuously update our internal policy to keep our clients at the center of all our activities.

What does Quality mean exactly? Don’t you agree that this word is too often abused and exploited?

Have you heard one of these?

“We do Quality work”
“Our packing materials are of Quality”
“Our services are qualitatively the best”
“You find Quality from us”

Quality, as defined above, doesn’t say anything. It is non-differentiating!

Let me explain what we intend as Bliss for Quality, and I am sure that when you read those same phrases again, you will be looking for a more significant meaning.

Quality is philosophy, before anything else. A Management and Executive Philosophy.

« The Buddha, the divine abode in the circuit of a computer or the gears of the transmission of a motorcycle with the same ease as on top of a mountain or in the petals of a flower » 

(The Zen and the art of the maintenance of a motorcycle) – R.M. Piersig

Quality is the expression of your soul: quality in your thoughts, within your actions, reflected in your desires.

Bliss is born and has grown with this type of concept. You cannot embrace quality without knowing its nature and essence first.
Quality is not just simply a piece of paper or a logo.

Quality is knowing that you can do better: by creating a system, a continuous cycle, monitoring, participating actively, studying, always being one step ahead, correcting and improving always oneself.

It is the capacity to standardize a process, allowing the people’s talent to make the difference with the client!

This is what Quality means to Bliss!

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    Quote from the internal code: “Quality Policy – Bliss Moving & Logistics”

    The Bliss Moving & Logistics company, by following the Management System of Quality, aims at:

    • Optimization in the management of business situations and, therefore, giving maximum focus to customer communications, continuous assistance and monitoring, having constant control of the pertinent data for statistical purposes and continuous internal improvement, monitoring always the company equipment and procedures;
    • Strengthen and develop our market, through innovation, by constantly reaching more clients in new market areas;
    • The satisfaction of all stakeholders (customers, booking agents, employees, suppliers): achieving budget goals, increasing employee satisfaction and incentives, constantly driving the damage claims down and reinforcing partnership agreements with suppliers.
    • Compliance with explicit and implicit contractual commitments;
    • The development of on-going training to increase staff expertise and stimulate motivation;
    • Compliance of safety legislation at work.

    These goals above mentioned identify our company’s essence:

    • Strongly focused on its customers;
    • Dedicated to enhancing relationships with suppliers and partners to create value, developing initiatives for mutual improvement;
    • Aimed at making customer satisfaction the differentiating factor in a highly competitive market.

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