International removals from Italy to United Kingdom

England is one of the European countries which attracts the major part of people. Many companies have the necessity to transfer their own managers abroad, younger and older people who decide to move temporarily or definitely, in order to achieve new professional possibilities…

Whether you have decided to move for professional reasons or simply for a new life experience, and should you see yourself in the future, either in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Liverpool or in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the international removals from Italy to United Kingdom definitely require a substantial organizational commitment.

Within a constant evolving market which has so many moving companies offering more or less similar services, you are faced with the big dilemma: how to choose the right European moving partner? The chosen organization will have a key role, because it involves personally your family in a very delicate phase of their life: the change.

The change of life is normally synonymous of stress and sense of nervousness, because it is somewhat associated with uncertainties and fear of the new, compared to a known and stable situation.

Regarding the moves from Italy to UK, our organizational structure can rely on a crew of specialized assemblers, packers, stevedores drivers, transporters and International Agents which operate with care and particular attention, taking always into consideration the time frame agreed on, in order to guarantee you the maximum satisfaction.

Our promise is to allow you to have a service which is highly oriented towards what you actually need, that is to say, having always at your full disposal an expert which takes care of the move of your goods from your origin location to another location based on the other side of the world, paying the same care and attention as you would.

By selecting the Bliss’ services it allows you to obtain the following benefits:

  • Having immediate contacts with our consultants/specialists who will be in a position to answer your very first questions and queries.
  • Having at your disposal a specialist who can make an immediate survey and assessment of your goods at your residence, without any commitment.
  • Having a very clear idea of the planning and timing involved for your move (BLISS Smart planning).
  • Accede to the sensational BLISS protection plan.
  • Accede to the exclusive web platform of BLISS World Gateway.
  • Having an International Moving Consultant assigned to you who will follow your move from the very beginning to the end.
  • Having a complete post-move assistance, which will be given to you by a Legal Advisor reserved exclusively for you.
  • Having at your disposal a consultant specialized in claim files who, In case of damages, will be able to resolve your claim for damages within a very short length of time (Official data of BLISS: last year’s claims in percentage equal to 4 % of the jobs effected).
  • Average time for the settlement of the claim: 30 days.

No one else is in a position to offer you the same type of services! Guaranteed!

International removals to England: ancillary services

BLISS Moving & Logistics is also specialized in Office Relocations to UK.
We also put at your disposal storage facilities for furniture, household goods, documents (archiving)

Whether you are a private client, the owner of a company or the manager of a firm, you may request a personalized space within our warehouse, in which you may store, for a short or a long term period, your personal effects, the archiving of your company as well as office furniture and accessories.

Our warehouse facilities are completely in line with all the standard requirements as far as safety is concerned and is equipped with the most updated devices in compliance with the safety regulations for a safe custody of your goods. Private security service and insurance coverage against all risks, which are stipulated with primary insurance companies, contribute into guaranteeing the maximum standards of security and reliability

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