Removals from Italy to South America

Are you about to move to the other side of the world and you don’t know to whom you have to entrust the shipment of your goods to?

You are perhaps afraid that your personal effects may suffer some damages during transportation from Italy to South America?

These are the major problems which have to be faced and worry about during an overseas removal. By trying to avoid all the consequences of a move and all the necessary formalities and customs procedures, might be the cause of stress and anxiety.

That’s why you need a secure and responsible moving partner who can assist you during all the moving and shipping process of your goods.

However, the question is how to chose the correct moving partner? We answer you by saying what you are not suppose to do.

The majority of people make systemically a number of errors, such as:

  • They don’t effect a background check up of the company chosen for his move;
  • They don’t check if the chosen company has positive testimonials on line;
  • They organize quickly the move overcoming a technical survey;
  • They think that by doing their own packing makes them save money.

These points are a few typical errors which can be made when effecting and international household goods removal.

Choosing the correct moving agent means having to trust a company which is in a position to resolve all the bureaucratic and practical aspects of the job connected with international shipping.

The removals to South America, technically fulfilled by our team of packers, assemblers, transporters and consultants are studied and projected in order to respond adequately and with a personalized attitude, to all necessities and economical requirements, for both privates and corporate clients.

Removal from Italy to Argentina

International household goods removals to Argentina and in general all types of goods being shipped to South America are confined to certain regulations and restrictions which require resolving certain bureaucratic formalities, which can be, sometimes, very complicated. If you have decided to transfer yourself to a country which is far away from Italy, your first priority is to surely adjust yourself to the new way of life as soon as possible.

Do you need help?

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Getting used to a new language, different culture etc. won’t be easy. The big change of life requires having the correct emotional attitude and facing the new life in the correct manner. Packing your personal effects, preparing boxes, producing customs documentation and organizing all aspects of an international removal are operations which may be rather binding and which you would rather not do during such an important and delicate moment like thisWhat are you waiting for? Contact us immediately or request a personalized quotation, free of charge, for your move to South America! One of our consultants will contact you within 48 hours proposing the best solution for you.

You are moving from Italy to Brazil

International household goods removals to Brazil are effected normally by sea and air, according to your requirements and type of goods to be shipped. In either cases you will be guaranteed high level security, thanks to professional packing and by having a wide range of well selected agents worldwide.

Furthermore, regarding the shipping to Brazil of auto vehicles and motorcycles, we employ special equipments for the safety during the transportation process of the vehicles.

What are you waiting for? Contact us immediately or request a personalized quotation, free of charge for your move to South America!

One of our consultants will contact you proposing the best solution for you.

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