Ministry of Defense and foreign affairs

Are you employed with the Ministry of Defense (Air Force, Army, Navy) or with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and have to move from or to Italy? Choose the Best, Today.

If you, too, are a member of the Ministry of Defense, or you work in the Air Force, the Navy or the Army, or if you are employed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be soon in need of an International Removal from or to Italy, and you no longer wish to suffer any anxiety or stress deriving mainly from:

  • Damages to your furnishings
  • Delays on the delivery of your goods
  • A family at the mercy of events
  • No answers from the Moving Company …

….well, then, this will be your most important reading!

Did you ever find yourself in similar situations?  Today, by reading this page, you will have the possibility to choose what’s best for you.  Attention! I’m not telling you to choose a “Quality” solution or one “that offers you 360° services”…  These are values that are “clearly obvious”.

I’m telling you to choose the best as far as YOUR International Removal is concerned! The change of life is a subjective factor, and varies from one family to another. You must accurately plan all the aspects and make sure that that same change is as less traumatic and more efficient as possible.


Choose the Specialist

The best thing is to have at your disposal a service that is strongly oriented towards your real needs, i.e. a professional who handles the transfer of your goods from one part of the world to another with the same care and attention you would have.

For many years BLISS Moving & Logistics has been dealing with the worldwide transfer of the personnel of the Ministry of Defense, who are a part of the Air Force, Army and Navy, as well as the personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are proud to be members of the Convention with the UAS (Special Administration Office of the Ministry of Defense) for the transportation of Personal Effects and Household goods.

We can assist you in planning and managing your International Removal by Air, Sea and Land, by making this delicate process simple and safe, stress-free for you and your family. We can handle the storage and custody of your furnishings at our warehouses as well as the paper/administrative work with the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We let the facts speak for us:

  • More than 2700 families transferred last year
  • Average customer satisfaction: 98%
  • Damage percentage: less than 3%
  • Average refunding time: 30 days

Do you need help?

+39 06 95 31 751

Choosing BLISS will enable you to obtain the following benefits:

  • Get immediately into contact with the consultants who will respond to your first questions and perplexities.
  • Have at your disposal an expert for a survey at your home.
  • Have a clear idea of how your removal will be carried out and the timing.
  • Have a dedicated IMC (International Moving Consultant) who will follow you from the very beginning to the end of the international removal.
  • Have access to the fantastic protection plan: BLISS Protection Plan.
  • Have complete post-moving assistance in case of damages.
  • Have at your disposal a specialized consultant who will rapidly process and close your file (official BLISS data: damage percentage for 2018 was of 4% on the works carried out. Average refunding time: 30 days).


We simplify the logistic and paper work procedures  through our exclusive system EASY REMOVAL™, by supplying guidelines for the prior compilation of the documents and by reducing to the minimum the bureaucratic aspects.

If you are not sure about what we are saying, please read the testimonial at the bottom of the page, one of the many staff members of the Ministry who was satisfied of our services!

The truth is that we receive comments such as that one from happy clients almost weekly and we would be happy to receive one from you as well!  You must know that you deserve the best for your removal.

Both you and your family deserve it!  If you have read all the information and you still have some doubts…

Click here and discover the fantastic Promotion that BLISS dedicated to you!

Call us now. One of our consultants will be at your full disposal, or get a free quote!

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