International diplomatic moving

Are you part of Ministry of Defence (Airforce, Army or Navy) or Foreign Affairs personnel and have just received a new assignment outside Italy? Choose the best today!

Whether you are an officer of Ministry of Defence (Airforce, Army or Navy) or personnel of Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel, and have been assigned to a new location outside Italy with no wish to experience stress and/or fear that usually come from:

  • Damages caused during transfer
  • Delays in the delivery
  • Being a hostage of the circumstances
  • No answers to your doubts from your moving company

Well, then this should be the moment to stop and carefully read the text below. Have you ever been in a similar situations? Today, by reading this page you will have the possibility to choose the best for you.
Please note we are note telling you to choose a solution for “Quality” or offering services “360°”. These are values that should be already included.

We are talking about choosing the best related to your international removal!

The change in life style is a personal factor which differs from family to family.  you have to organize with care all aspects in order to have the change to be the less traumatic possible or the most efficient.

In other words: you cannot afford to make mistakes. What to do? Choose the specialist!

The best thing is to have available a service strongly oriented towards that which you really need, that is having a professional who takes care of the removal of your personal belongings from one site of the world to the other just the same as you would do.

Bliss Moving & Logistics for many years has been taking care of the removals throughout the world of the personnel of Ministry of Defence (Airforce, Army or Navy) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We are proud to be part of the agreement with the Ministry of Defence (UAS Special Administration Office) for the Removal of the Household goods of the Airforce, Army or Navy personnel.

Whether your move is via air, sea or truck, we will help you and organize it is a simple and safe way to avoid any kind of stress to you and your family. Furthermore we can make available our storage and custody services and as well we can take care of the whole bureaucratic/administrative process with the Ministry of Defence/Foreign affairs.

A Bliss Service would enable you to achieve the following benefits:

  • Immediate contact with our consultants and have them to answer your preliminary questions and clear all your doubts.
  • To receive an experienced professional at your residence that performs a pre-move survey to assure you the best organization for your future move.
  • To have a clear idea of the whole process and its timeframe.
  • To have a constant assistance from your personal IMC (International Moving Consultant) who will monitor from the very start to final delivery.
  • To access to the unique insurance plan – Bliss Protection Plan.
  • Having a specialized consultant who can define your claim fast and smoothly; (Official Bliss Data: the damage percentage is equal to 4% of all the effected moves during last year. Average of refund time: 30 days.
  • Access 24/7 our unique web platform “BLISS WORLD GATEWAY”.

You and your family deserve the best! If you still have doubts or questions, call us immediately or get a free quote.

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