Moving to Europe relax, with us you are safe!

Whether it will be a European transfer connected to a professional move or may it be for sentimental or personal reasons, the change of life together with separating you and your family from the house in which you have lived for years as well as the adaptation to the new style of life, require a great emotional stability.

Probably the same choice you have made to move to or towards another city outside of Italy, was not an easy decision to make or to accept and, for this specific reason, one of your most important expectations is to live your European experience with serenity and face the change with tranquility and security.

Therefore please pay careful attention on how you get started with the preliminary phase!

This is the reason why, once you have chosen your moving partner, certain expectations start generating within yourself. After which, obviously, you sincerely hope that these expectations will be completely attended to. On the other hand, we are talking about the move of your personal belongings…which are part of your life.

    Just imagine if you select quickly your moving partner for your European Removal. Most probably you have been offered guarantees and quality services at the best price? But what does quality and best price really mean?

    The quality, as mentioned by most companies (which is a very general definition and is better classified as certified management system, as an example), is normally perceived in a highly subjective manner… and the best price, is the best price with reference to what? Are you looking for a reliable service or do you want to spend as less as possible?

    We are certain of one thing: you cannot afford to have troubles, problems or delays during your moving process! What you are really looking for is that all should go smoothly and that you receive your goods at destination timely and in perfect conditions!

    We have therefore studied carefully several services, which we consider to be constructive and unique and that can help you move to Europe without any stress.

    No one else is in a position to do the following

    • Access to an exclusive insurance plan which can protect your goods completely: the Bliss Protection Plan™;
    • Having a personal consultant (IMC – International Moving Consultant) to whom you can refer to during all the moving process;
    • Access to the platform online 24 hours a day with practical advice and details of your move: Bliss World Gateway™

    For your further information, regarding your International Removal to Europe, Bliss organization collaborates with several highly qualified partners and members representing this category, whom are regularly registered in the best European removals association , called FEDEMAC (

    Do you need help?

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    For the European temporary removals we can offer you the possibility to use our furniture storage service at our warehouse facilities. within our organization . In our storage boxes and containers, which are available in different types and sizes, you can keep your furniturer and personal belongings safely and well protected.

    European removals by air, sea and overland

    Whichever might be your destination, such as: Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Belgiumand other European Community countries and others (i.e. Switzerland and Russia), we will furnish you with the most suitable solution, according to your needs and specific requirements, may it be of practical nature, time wise as well as financially wise.

    We organize removals and transport of furniture and household goods, personal effects, furniture and office equipment, by air, sea and truck, depending on the final destination and according to the delivery time frame requested

    Don’t take immediate decisions. Choose the specialists in the moving field, choose Bliss Moving & Logistics.

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