International Embassy Removals, public entities and collaborators

Do you represent a company, Embassy or are you a member of a professional office (Legal Office, Business Consultant, etc.) and do you have to transfer your personnel overseas? Choose Bliss Moving & Logistics.

We help your organization to grow its prestige, by handling and organizing the transfers and move of your collaborators worldwide, reducing useless expenses, without stress for you and the parties concerned, even if the transfer should take place totally outside of Italy (i.e. from U.S.A. to Japan).

  • No to the family at the mercy of events
  • No delay in the refund of eventual damages caused during transportation
  • No to unexpected delays for the delivery of goods

For an organization such as, an Embassy or a Prestige Office of Professionals which have to move overseas its personnel or collaborators, it is important to rely on a professional expert who knows in detail all the dynamics of the moving market (International Removals).

    There seem to be always more Prestige Organizations which see in Bliss an ideal commercial and business partner for these delicate operations which involve the transfer of International Public Entities and their families within Europe and overseas.

    For a family, the change is always synonymous of stress, because it is associated with uncertainty and fear of the new, compared to a living situation already well known and considerebly stable.

    Our organization “BLISS” knows very well how to pay careful attention to family’s needs and those of the firms which they represent. Our objective is to provide tranquility and certainties to the people facing moving activities, during a time of strong emotional status.

    What we offer

    We are the only company in a position to offer an efficient system of relocation service with a revolutionary method regarding international removals, which proposes a Bliss Company Check Up, as well as an exclusive platform dedicated to the shipper, available h. 24, through “BLISS World Gateway”.™.

    If you book our unique service product BLISS Company Check Up™ you will have the possibility to receive an extraordinary preliminary consultancy from one of our consultants. You will also receive our “Instructions Manual” regarding International Moving Services. It is really very economical and whoever has tried it, has been really enthusiastic about it.

    If you book the Bliss Company check Up™, you will immediately achieve the following results:

    • Optimize and thus reduce costs for your company / organization in the field of International Removals
    • You will have a positive image towards your staff / employees who move throughout the world
    • Reduce waste
    • Increase your company’s efficiency
    • Cancel all the efforts involved in the management of the international transfer of your staff / employees

      Do you need help?

      +39 06 95 31 751

      Your Right Partner is BLISS

      Our organization deals with international removals of diplomats, Managers of Companies, Employees and / or Experts of professional studios.
      If you obtain a service from Bliss, it allows you to achieve the following benefits:

      • You can be immediately in contact with one of our consultants / specialists who will be in a position to answer your very first questions.
      • You will have at your disposal a specialist who will arrange a survey at the house of the person concerned, without any commitment and free of charge
      • You can have a clear idea of the working method and time involved for the moving process and have the opportunity to:
        • Enter to the latest BLISS Smart Planning™.
        • Enter to the sensational BLISS Protection Plan™.
        • Enter the exclusive web platform of BLISS World Gateway™.
        • A personal International Moving Consultant will be following closely your collaborator/employee’s move, from the very beginning to the end.
        • You will have a personal and complete assistance post-move, offered by one of our Legal Consultants
        • In case of damages, you will have at your disposal a specialized consultant who will be able to finalize your claim file within a very short time (Official BLISS data: Last year percentage of claims 4% of the jobs effected)
        • Length of time for the refund of the claim: 30 days

      We think you have understood that your Company, your Embassy, your Professional office members deserve only the best with regards to the International Moves of their collaborators and employees.
      Now that you have read all the information, you still think that you do not have a clear idea about our moving business proposals?

      Each situation requires different needs, this is why the best way to provide you with the right solution is to ask for a quote free of charge and with no obligation.
      One of our specialists will be committed to finding the best possible solution for you.

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