Additional Services of international household goods removals

Do you own valuable fine art pieces? Do you want to ship your motorcar or motorcycle?

If you are about to move abroad you should consider and take into consideration several aspects. Here is a list of complementary services for your move, which have been carefully studied for these purposes:

Bliss Protection Plan™: the insurance coverage “tailor-made”

With the Bliss Organization you can take a sigh of relief! You will not be able to have a safer experience in the transportation of your goods than with us!

Please pay attention to what we have to say to you now: During the last year, only 4% of the shipments effected by Bliss has suffered damages during transportation and it has taken about 30 days for the settlement of the claim’s file. We are talking about a very limited number of claims which have taken place within our category. Considering what the international statistics have made known by primary and reputable insurance companies, nobody has ever achieved these kind of results! These are pure facts

It is very important, to take into consideration, also, that your goods travel on ships, planes, trucks or trains, for a certain amount of time, according to the mode of shipment, with all the risks involved. In order to protect yourself, the best way possible, we have made out an insurance policy which will, in case of damages suffered during the transportation of your goods, will refund you totally. Our Bliss Protection Plan is based on the model of “all risks coverage” and is managed in collaboration with two of the most important and reliable Insurance Institutes present in Europe and represented world-wide: Nationale Suisse SpA and Lloyd’s of London.

Transportation of cars, motorcycles, pianos, safes, Fine Arts and technological equipment

The move and transfer of vehicles and/or heavy objects is often requested during a household goods removal. For this reason, we have studied special procedures for the transfer of these goods with total security, hence guaranteeing the utmost safety for the transportation of your vehicle, piano or safe. Particular attention is reserved to the Fine Art pieces and technological electronic equipment, such as: computers, servers and company equipment. Our company disposes of an internal carpentry workshop which is in a position to built wooden crates according to the required measurements!

The Bliss organization will make you feel safe and relaxed. Just try to find out, finally, what it means to find the peace of mind!

Bliss Moving & Logistics is also a Certified Quality member ISO9001:2008 for particular packing services and transport of Fine Arts.

Other Services:

  • Integrated Logistics Services: Management of Materials Flows, storage, packing and distribution
  • Customs formalities and documentation import-export.
  • Material disposal, environmental management
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