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Many people, when thinking of their own personal move from Italy to Australia and start to imagine their new home, they have in mind a radical change of their life style, personally and professionally wise. Well, they are right!

Australia is a fantastic place…… far away, but so functional and different and with so many various opportunities to take advantage of.

Surprisingly, today moving to Australia is relatively easy

That’s right! What I am about to say to you now will leave you without breath, so please be comfortable and prepare yourself for a unique experience, where words like stress, fear and frustration are absolutely banned!

Let’s start from the beginning: the move abroad takes quite a long time, consequently the first concern may start from the long waiting time and from unknown customs import/export procedures and sometimes rather complicated in countries like Australia.

Furthermore, perhaps you have to ship Italian style furniture or/and your precious personal effects and it deeply concerns you that somebody at destination, who you don’t even know about, is involved with your goods… a person who does not have your culture and does not know in full your personal needs.

And moreover, the time differences…because you are now in Australia, on the other side of the world! How can you be sure that your Moving Partner may assist you at the time of need?

Removals Italy - Australia

our secrets

Let me refer to you some of our secrets for a safe and easy move to Australia:

  • We have amongst our staff members, people who have lived in Australia and know perfectly the customs procedures of that country;
  • Over the many years of experience, we have selected only the best local moving companies, which can represent us in Australia and who can guarantee high quality standards, fully described in the moving contract which you will sign with Bliss. The guarantee is our contract and the participation to the most important worldwide associations connected to our category, with which our business partners are also involved with. We know personally our International Agents, whom we meet personally every year;
  • In Italy, we have our international coordination center. We take care of the packing division of the household goods and personal effects by using exclusive packing materials. Our carton boxes are famous because they are proven to be the best on the market;
  • Our IMC (International Moving Consultant) are always at your disposal, even after working hours. You will receive emergency telephone numbers so that you may contact us after normal hours, if necessary.

International removal from Italy to Sidney

Sydney is undoubtedly Australia’s most famous city with its picturesque harbor and Opera House. International removals from Italy to Sydney are one of the most requested services by our clients moving to Australia. Changing your life is possible and doing it in the most famous state in Oceania will undoubtedly be an exciting adventure.

Choose Bliss as your partner for this delicate move.

When moving to Sydney you will have to take into account the Australian customs laws and regulations, because as already mentioned Australia is a country with very fussy and complicated customs procedures.

International removal from Italy to New Zealand

If, on the other hand, the destination of your removal is not Australia but New Zealand, you must know that the regulations and laws are quite similar in both countries. Removals from Italy to New Zealand are less frequent but this does not however mean that they are simpler to handle. Thanks to the dense international network to which Bliss is a part of, your goods will be safe in the hands of our representatives worldwide.

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin are just around the corner thanks to Bliss and the removal services available in New Zealand.

Furthermore, in order to satisfy 100% of all your perplexities and obtain all the solutions for an exceptional result, if you will agree on using our services regarding your household goods removal to Australia, you may also:

  • Choose the sensational insurance program against all risks “BLISS Protecion Plan™ ”.
  • Decide to receive the full panning service “BLISS Smart Planning™ ”, which takes into account all the timing and transit times involved in your International move, procedures to be followed for customs clearance formalities as well as Australian customs restrictions, which are to be taken into consideration prior to shipping.
  • You can have access to the fantastic Bliss Promotions 2015 and have the opportunity to become “Ambassador” of Bliss brand
  • You may have ACCESS 24 HOURS TO THE EXCLUSIVE WEB PLATFORM “BLISS WORLD GATEWAY™ ”, in order to be in a position to track your shipment and read useful information about your move at any time.

We can assure you that no one else handles International Removals to Australia this way!

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