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Bliss Moving & Logistics is a company specialized in International removals. It is active worldwide through a dense network of qualified partners and is a member of the most important and reliable international associations in this field.

In this page you may request for your removal quotation by filling in the specific fields.

Below, you will find a brief guide that will help you fill it in properly.

Once inside the quotation page, you must choose the type of removal you need:


  •  International Removals from Italy to foreign countries: you must fill in the online removal quotation available on the page;
  •  Other removal requests: for national and/or local removals and for removals from foreign countries to Italy, you may leave here an information request.

    Online Inquiry

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    Step number 1: inquiry

    In this first step, you will have to specify the “country from which the removal departs”, the country of destination, the type of removal (whether of a private individual or paid by a company), and the indicative period of time during which you want it to be performed.

    Origin data

    Another field of the international removal quotation  that you must fill in is the one relating to the origin data. Here, you must fill in all the information concerning your home/office of origin, address of departure, City, Province, the area of the home/office, floor, and whether there is an elevator/lift for the movement of goods.

    Destination data

    What is required here is everything that concerns the home, office, residence where the goods are to be transferred.

    The destination data are the same as those requested for those of origin, with the only difference that here you must indicate the city to which the goods must be delivered.

    It is important to know that Bliss Moving & Logistics serves exclusively the countries shown in the specific drop-down. If the country of your removal is not listed, it means that we do not carry out services to such a destination.

    Further data: what you have to move, photo to attach, How did you know us

    If you want to ask for an international removal quotation, you must then choose the type of removal you need from the drop-down menu:

    • A full removal;
    • A partial removal (personal effects and a few pieces of furniture);
    • Only personal effects (more than 20 boxes);
    • A removal consisting of only luggage (less than 20 boxes).

    NB: The division on the drop-down menu is only indicative for us with respect to the number of goods to be transferred. Choose the one that meets best your removal needs.

    We have almost finished! Now you must instead:

    • Give a brief indication of the goods to be transferred (especially if the goods at issue are particular)
    • Note down how you came to know about Bliss: Google or other search engines, Facebook, Press, Other (Blog “Specialisti Traslochi”, other web sites, etc.).
    • Finally in “photos of the furniture pieces”, you can upload photos of goods, furniture pieces, furnishings, and of the rooms where the goods are located. This will help us provide you with a full and exhaustive quotation.

    Contact fields

    They are necessary in order to contact you after the request for a quotation. Here, you must fill in your Name, Family Name, Phone number, Email, an indicative date in which the removal should take place.

    What happens now?

    After having transmitted your request for a quotation, you will be contacted after a few days by our Sales Department and together we will assess your needs and provide you with an estimate of the costs tailored for your specific situation!