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Offices and business relocation services.

If you have to move your offices, your studio, your laboratory, your store, your warehouse, your business activity and you would like to take immediate possession of the new office, , see below how we can help you!

Bliss Moving & Logistics, is specialized in finding, since a long time, the moving solutions for companies and has, therefore, developed a very successful package deal which allows our customers to achieve extraordinary results in the relocation of their new offices, called: Bliss Company Relocation Programme.

Each company is a separate universe of its own. Lives its own life and strategy and sees highly subjective dynamics arise in the future, which belong only to them.

There is a special ingredient which, in the many years, has allowed us to be very close to many companies and professionals in an extremely satisfactorily manner, resulting into gaining their full trust in us…. However, this special ingredient is not in relation with our many years of experience and does not refer to the fact that “We think of everything!” and that we perform a job of “High Quality”!

What has always made the difference in Bliss Moving & Logistics, is the way we pay particular attention to our clients’ requirements. Listening in silence to their needs makes us focus clearely what has to be done, in order to achieve their full satisfaction.

It’s your company which needs to be moved and only you know how you have to organize the transfer of your office furniture and your personelle. The moving company takes care of the technical part of the job and makes sure that all which was agreed upon previously, is done the best way possible and smoothly.

In a few words, Bliss Moving & Logistics resolves all of your problems in connection with the packing and transportation, cataloguing, preparation and disassembly of the workstations, disassembly and reassembly of the office furniture, removal of all the office equipments, server, computers and archives.

In order to accomplish this, our company is in possession of special facilities and modern equipments which make it possible to easily move particular furniture pieces such as lock closets, safes and rack.

Based on your specific time frame, we can also arrange to move your offices during weekends, public holidays or at night, if necessary, in accordance to your requirements

The Bliss Relocation Company Programme also includes solutions for archives and furniture storage facilities.

Apart from all the above mentioned services, we can offer to our clients the amazing Bliss Business Protection Plan™ . Nobody else can offer you such guarantees!

Choose the best today

Choose the best today! Choose Bliss and your company move will never be easier! Book your company check-up today!

  • Your company check-up is important for us to understand your needs and try to visualize together your company in the next six months after your move takes place. That’s where we want to take you!
  • The company check-up is an extraordinary consultancy which gives you the possibility of finding out innovative services, essential for a company relocation. It is very economical and who ever has tried it, has been very enthusiastic about it, as much as to say that 86% of the time has confirmed Bliss Moving services;
  • However, we don’t want to sell it to you now. Before going forward, we would like to briefly show you what we can do for you!

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