International relocation for International School Personnel and Private Customers

If you belong to one of the following categories?

  1. Employee and/or collaborator of international Schools in Italy
  2. International Schools dealing with welcoming new teachers and/or families
  3. PRIVATE families (Expats) who are about to move soon to Italy

You are in the right place! Continue reading here and you will find the information you are searching for

BLISS deals with removals and relocation of international school personnel and private customers worldwide and this is why we can support you in your international transfer to and from Italy.

Thanks to the many years of experience acquired in the Global Mobility sectors (International Removals, Relocation & Pet Shipping), we can assist you with all your needs.

For many years we have been cooperating with the most important international schools in Rome, Milan and in other main Italian cities, where there is an active presence of EXPATS, for services such as:

  • International removals for Teachers, Managers or Private Families moving to Italy;
  • Relocation & Immigration for persons or families who enter in our country as Expats;
  • Pet Shipping, for a safe and comfortable transfer of our furry friends;

No one else knows your needs as we do and is able to support you in this task.

The magical ingredient that enables us to cooperate with so many people, families and international schools cannot be found in our company’s years of history nor in the “mere” quality of our services, which is often not accurately assessed.

What differentiates us from the other realities is the way we respond to the needs of our customers, the personalization of the service, the specialization of our team, the ability to solve problems and simplifying formalities.

Yes, you understood correctly, we are specialized in international removals and the relocation of families and employees or collaborators of international schools. We are able to find the right solution for you.

We can organize your transfer under every aspect. We solve problems relating to the transportation of goods, packing, customs, storage and warehousing, insurance.

Besides, we will support you in the Relocation & Immigration activities such as the search of a home, paper work, settling-in services in the new country, searching schools for your children, etc.

In short, we will follow you from A to Z and you will not navigate alone in the sea of Italian Bureaucracy.

What are you waiting for? Choose the experts for the relocation services of International School personnel to and from Italy.

Ask for a quote free of charge and with no obligation by clicking on this LINK.

Relocation services to and from Italy, cooperation agreements with international schools and assistance for Relocation services

Are you a private customer and need a Relocation service to and from Italy?

The changing country also means changing city, habits and a way of life.

Organizing a removal, connecting utilities, filling up an infinite series of documents, finding the best schooling solution for your children may indeed reveal itself nerve-racking if you have  no one to assist you step-by-step in this arduous task.

Practically speaking, you need someone who can help you in an excellent manner in everything involving the transfer of your goods and the Relocation operations towards your new destination.

    Do you need help?

    +39 06 95 31 751

    Your Right Partner is BLISS

    We are able to manage safely and professionally your relocation towards Italy by reducing to the minimum the understandable stressful situation that gets generated under these circumstances and which is absolutely normal.

    We offer a series of Relocation, Immigration and Removal services for families and corporate personnel moving to any destination in Italy.

    Do you need support for the search of a new home? Don’t worry, we are able to assist you in this task. A specialist will follow you in the search and will timely inform you of all the available solutions.

    Do you need to find a school for your children? BLISS has cooperation agreements with the best international schools in Italy and can assist you in this field as well.

    Here below are only some of the most important international schools present in Milan, Rome and other cities with whom we cooperate.

    Those mentioned above are only some of the services offered by us.

    Each situation requires different needs, this is why the best way to provide you with the right solution is to ask for a quote free of charge and with no obligation.
    One of our specialists will be committed to finding the best possible solution for you.

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