furniture storage

If you have a necessity to store your furniture and you have understood that your want to have the best solutions…

Let’s imagine the following situation: you have to move out all or part of your furniture. A temporary deposit would be the best solution to keep your belongings safely for sometime… Definition of “sometime” can refer to long or short periods of time.

Or a different situation – your personal archive of documents keeps growing up and you have no idea where to put all the boxes and the cases… Both your cellar and storage room are full, and to say the least it’s not the safest place to store them.

Now, if you see yourself in at least one of these scenarios, it means that you are in one or way or the other you are thinking seriously of using a deposit servicearchivewarehouse or household storage.

And if you are seriously thinking about it, it means you are used to having the best or nothing when we talk of your goods!

And what is meant generally for “the best”?

Do you need Space for storing your furniture? Buy it with Bliss Moving!

Because our storage space is Secure, Clean, Supervised, Insured, computerized and monitored systematically . Our warehouse facilities have been projected especially for the purpose of storing furniture and archives. For the storage of the furniture we are equipped with separate and closed spaces in our warehouse, not interfering with other goods, where the household goods are being stored and well protected. For the archives we dispose of special shelving systems which are numbered and appropriately classified in order to be able to trace any document box very easily.

Do you need to deposit your furniture?

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