Useful words and definitions of Move Industry

GLOBAL MOBILITY is a Human Resources (HR) function that refers to a multinational corporation’s ability to transfer its staff to and from offices located in different countries around the world.

When an employee is asked to move abroad as part of their job, this is called an “International Assignment”.

The term “International Assignment Services” refers to the processes in the HR area that must be performed to move and retain employees in a new country. These services include: expat payslips, allowances and benefits, family logistics, rewards, immigration and tax matters.

Move Management is the activity that centrally deals with the comprehensive global management of a move from point A to point B,  anywhere in the world.

It ranges from preliminary planning to controlling the delivery of services, monitoring the progress, and managing communications among all parties.

Move Management does not simply mean moving a household. Rather, it concerns the ability to manage the entire wide chain of actors involved in the international removal operation (Partners of Origin and Destination, transport companies, customs, insurance companies, intermediaries, etc.)

There is a substantial difference between an international move and a local or national move.

The local or national move is basically a simpler operation since it does not include any relationship with customs and / or with countries that require compliance with certain entry requirements.

Sometimes, the local or national move may involve a partial packing of the goods, depending on the distance of the move and whether the goods need to pass through a warehouse or require transhipment.

Clearly, local and national moves entail very different costs compared to an international and / or intercontinental operation, which requires highly specialized packing and competence on international transport regulations, customs, transit times, port and / or airport procedures, membership of a worldwide network for the use of qualified partners in the world, knowledge of foreign languages, coverage and protection of assets against all international risks.

According to the definition provided by the Italian Logistics Association (AILOG), LOGISTICS is: “the set of organizational, managerial and strategic activities that govern the flow of materials and related information from the ORIGIN until the final delivery of the goods covered by the transport to RECIPIENTS and post-sale services.

Just google the word “Shipping” to get the following meaning: “The operation of transporting something, commissioned to a carrier”.

While, here is the meaning of the word “move”: “Change of home, mostly about the set of characteristic material operations (transport of furniture and household goods from one house to another, arrangement of new rooms, etc.)” .

So what changes? Alot changes! First of all, in the case of shipping, the goods are “loaded” at a point A and unloadedat a point B. In this case “the shipper” does not deal with the packaging of the goods or its preparation but will pick up the load and will deliver to your destination. In the move, however, the company will take care of all the operations both at origin and at destination.

Given the importance of this topic, you can read our article about it on our blog specialistitraslochi.it

Pre-Move Advices

t is very important to understand what services you actually require. The removal service, in certain cases, can be relatively simple or extremely complicated: or often under estimated, even though, sometimes, there are many elements involved which are been undervalued.

For this reason it is important to furnish all correct and necessary information when requesting a quotation and, if possible, it would be even better if you request a physical survey at residence. BLISS offers a special service to help in guiding you during the phase of evaluation and choice of the moving company: the Bliss Check Up™

One thing and one thing only: OMISSIONS!

If you have read all the information on this FAQ page, you will have understood that to operate legally, a company must have certain requirements.

Compliance with the requirements certainly entails costs for the company in question. To be recognized as a leader in terms of reliability and safety, it also has the responsibility of presenting a detailed offer with all the specifics of the case.

A low price, nine out of ten derives from omissions on included and / or excluded services, poor quality of technical resources (e.g. packaging material) and / or human resources (specialized packers and / or improvised and / or unreliable world partners), unspecified transit times that could conceal pitfalls and sensational delays compared to expectations (ships that travel around the world at half the price of a direct service), lack of mandatory requirements to operate in full legality.

We fully unite the principles of competitiveness and free competition as long as the offers and the level of the companies are truly equivalent.

Pay close attention to what appears to be “the same quote” for your international move.

There are many myths to dispel regarding what many may propose as “Door to Door” service (see the specific question “What is really included and excluded in the Door to Door Service”).

A cost estimate should very clearly indicate all the inclusions and exclusions without leaving anything to chance, including complete packing and unpacking services, difficult access issues (if any) at origin and destination, and seaport or airport expenses at origin and destination.

Even one single omission of these services that is “undisclosed” to you, can result in a considerable cost GAP on the offer received.

Always aim to receive an offer with maximum transparency, and make sure the company you are dealing with proves to be reliable, transparent and is not hiding anything from you.

Bliss Moving & Logistics offers removal services throughout the national territory (islands included), international and intercontinental services to and from Italy (import and export), without any exclusion.

If conditions permit, most international moving companies suggest selecting a period other than summer (from mid-June to mid-September), from the end of the month or from the end of the year holidays. These periods of the year, in fact, represent the highest concentration of bookings.

BLISS Moving & Logistics suggests to move when it is most convenient for you, possibly planning the move in advance. The factors that influence the choice of moving dates can vary from: a need for immediate transfer for work or personal issues, coordinate with the new school season for children, a specific employment start date.

In order to be able to provide international removal services, a company is obliged to meet mandatory legal requirements, namely having:

  • Regular enrollment in the official business register of companies with an active status;
  • Regular enrollment in the official register of hauliers on behalf of third parties;
  • Special authorization for the transport of cargo on behalf of third parties in excess of 3.5 tons;
  • Community license for road transport on behalf of third parties;
  • Regular enrollment in the official register of international shippers;
  • All mandatory insurance for the transport of international goods (civil responsibility, theft and fire, road carrier, professional ability, ability to be able to take out insurance against all risks);
  • All personnel and resources in compliance with the provisions of the law;
  • All staff and vehicles operate in accordance with the provisions of workplace safety laws.

One of the best ways to select an international moving company is to research information about it. Be careful not to run into the first company you find and / or that is proposed to you on internet search engines!

Here are some tips to follow to find information:

  • Get information on the history of the company, where it comes from, what it does and what it has done;
  • Try to understand if the company diversifies its customer portfolio and if it takes care of the interests of international companies (multinationals) or if it focuses only on a single sector of reference (e.g. private, government or military entities). Diversification is a very important indicator in terms of flexibility and problem solving skills;
  • visit the website, check what type of information is transmitted (is there the personal touch of the company or do they all tell you the same things?);
  • check the level of infrastructure with which the company is equipped and compare it with what you really need (e.g. if you move from BOLOGNA to NEW YORK with maritime service it does not matter much to know that the company has a fleet in ROME of 35 trucks and 15 external lifts);
  • The “widespread” presence in several areas of the world under the same BRAND is NOT synonymous with Guarantee and Comfort! How can you be sure, for example, that the “Singapore” branch is perhaps as efficient and perhaps equally certified as the “Milan” central office? Search for additional information! Often these are affiliations or franchises;
  • It is clear that the company is part of the best recognized international trade associations;
  • Verify that it has a Certified Quality System;
  • Checks whether the company embraces solidarity initiatives towards others and / or towards the environment. A company that spends on certified solidarity initiatives is certainly an indicator of great sensitivity, care and attention.

Do you have specific questions to ask? Do you wish to receive the best offer as quickly as possible? It is as important to the customer as well as for our company, to receive and provide appropriate answers in the shortest possible time. To evaluate correctly the information and furnish or receive answers in a short length of time, reduces certainly the state of stress and It raises awareness to have found a reliable partner.

Make questions and consequently receive answers is fundamental to learn the know-how of a company. The level of the answers received, the contents of the information and clarifications in the expressions is definitely a very important factor for the choice of the moving company. The feed-back pf the information often determine the success of an organization in respect to another.

Taking into account the principle of trying to provide moving companies with as much notice as possible, especially if you move during the intense summer season, six weeks from the expected date of the move is a reasonable period of time to request a quote and allow the moving company to access your home and carry out a pre-move survey of the goods to be transferred.

It is good practice to add even more time to the decision-making process, in the case you have been asked by your employer to submit several quotes for your move to them to consider, approve and pay on your behalf.

It is appropriate to reach a decision on which company to use at least four to six weeks before the anticipated collection date at origin. Once the  moving company has been selected, it is advisable to confirm the booking and schedule the packing, loading and delivery dates as soon as possible. This timeframe can be shortened if the move is planned outside the peak season (the period from September 15th to June 15th is considered “off peak” months, which generally have less moving traffic).

Question Often Received

The pre-move survey is highly recommended and is intended to help us evaluate the requirements and estimate the volume and weight of your shipment. In fact, the cost of a move is based primarily on volume. With BLISS Moving & Logistics you have the right to access our exclusive BLISS Check-Up ™ and then book a technical pre-move survey with a specialist (technician) who will physically come to your residence to inspect the access and estimate the shipment’s volume, or you can book a Remote Video Survey done through our excellent and exclusive APP.

In any case, you will have the opportunity to discuss all of your move’s technical aspects with an expert. Knowing in advance your needs and those of your family, as well as the specific details of your residence, will enable us to foresee all of the applicable costs and facilitate the day’s work for the pack-up team.

BLISS Check-Up ™ is offered at no additional cost by BLISS. Depending on the place of origin, BLISS reserves the right to check the availability of a local technician, or to propose the option of Remote Video Survey

BLISS Check-Up ™, both in physical and remote video mode, provides for the internal and external analysis of your home by means of a specialist (technician). The BLISS professional will have the responsibility to record all the characteristics of the property and any technical difficulties of access (loading floor, presence of a lift, possibility of access for heavy vehicles, possibility of using external elevators, need to obtain parking permits etc.).

Likewise, the technician will be responsible for registering all the furniture and content that you intend to send and that you will indicate to him during the survey.

The estimated time for an accurate visit varies on average from 30 to 60 minutes, according to the size of the property and the estimated volume.

In this case, the rule is: “The sooner the better

Although the actual allocation of human and technical resources cannot be made until a few days before the move, it is a good practice to book the dates by giving at least 4-6 weeks’ notice to the moving company. The more time you can give, the more likely we will be able to stick to your preferred pickup and drop-off schedule. Many international moving companies, for their standard services, require a minimum of flexibility on pick-up and delivery dates (about 5 days).

BLISS Moving & Logistics strives to satisfy requests for preferred dates or for the closest possible alternatives. In case of request for mandatory collection and delivery dates, it is possible to choose a specific service that allows us to satisfy a more precise program.

We recommend that you discuss your needs with your BLISS Consultant, who can guide you on the types of services available and their costs.

Bliss Moving & Logistics also specializes in the transport of vehicles worldwide.

Cars, motorcycles, scooters or other types of vehicles are all types of goods that we ship all over the world on a regular basis, often associated with the move of household goods.

We also deal with exclusive shipments of vehicles, in maritime mode by means of containers or ro-ro (roll on, roll off – service in the vessel’s hold). Our consultants will collect information from you about it and will let you know the possibilities for your case, the costs and the necessary documentation required.

For objective limits of liability, it is advisable that all valuable goods such as jewelry, cash, antiques, special collections be transported personally and directly by the customer.

No insurance company, in fact, assumes the risk of covering any shortages in relation to this category if not specifically declared and insured before departure.

If a valuable good is not possible to transport personally for issues related to weight and / or size, it is important to point this out to the BLISS consultant in order to receive an ad-hoc quote for the insurance service.

BLISS Moving & Logistics, first through the Sales Manager and then through its assigned International Moving Consultant (IMC), will provide you well in advance, with respect to the execution of the move, all information relating to customs regulations and documents to be produced for the entry into the new country of destination.

This study phase is an integral part of our exclusive BLISS Smart Planning ™ service.

Each BLISS Moving & Logistics customer has the right to choose a protection plan, using our exclusive Bliss Protection Plan ™ product.

To meet all the needs of our customers, we have created various protection plans, from the most basic up to the Premium which completely covers the value of the goods against ALL the risks, not only of breakage and / or loss, but also of devaluation and last but not least, it protects against the time it usually takes to restore, repair or repurchase damaged and / or lost goods.

No one else in our industry has this package so diverse and specific.

Bliss Moving & Logistics also provides short, medium and long-term furniture storage and storage services.

The company boasts large warehouse areas equipped throughout the national territory, used for the storage of furniture and household goods, as well as an archive of private and corporate documentation.

All surfaces, internal and external, are guarded, equipped with alarm and private night surveillance. Our facilities comply with all mandatory safety regulations (insurance for theft and fire, civil liability, fire prevention, forklifts, etc.).

BLISS Moving & Logistics on specific request can deal with the collection and disposal of goods.

In fact, we have all the authorizations necessary to provide third party goods transport services for disposal.

By means of partners specialized in this sector of environmental management, we are able to arrange the correct disposal of certified goods, in accordance with the provisions of the law and the protection of the environment.

If you need to send your four-legged friend, Bliss Moving & Logistics will be pleased to transfer your request to the subsidiary company Bliss Pet Services, part of the BLISS group.

Bliss Pet Services deals exclusively with the shipping and transportation of pets in Italy and worldwide, also providing services related to this activity (veterinary assistance, supply of carriers, accessories, etc.).

I invite you to visit the website www.blisspets.eu and request more information from our excellent sales consultants.

In the initial shared planning process, you will be provided with an estimated transit time and a period within which final delivery to your destination is expected.

Your dedicated International Moving Consultant will inform you in real time about the movement of your goods and will continuously monitor your shipment.

Any changes on the transit and on the hypothetical delivery date will be notified to you immediately.

All our IMCs communicate via email and WA and are available 24/7/365! Every movement of your assets will be notified to you in real time.

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