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Our Advice

What are you actually looking for?

It is very important to understand what services you actually require. The removal service, in certain cases, can be relatively simple or extremely complicated: or often under estimated, even though, sometimes, there are many elements involved which are been undervalued.
For this reason it is important to furnish all correct and necessary information when requesting a quotation and, if possible, it would be even better if you request a physical survey at residence. BLISS offers a special service to help in guiding you during the phase of evaluation and choice of the moving company: the Bliss Check Up™

Obtain more information regarding the company which you will select

Trying to understand fully who you are choosing to handle your personal effects shipment is very important in order to avoid surprises. Usually one of the best ways to evaluate the professionalism and quality level of a company is to obtain references from other people who have used these type of services in the past and If this is not possible, evaluate the importance of the company within the market (example: visit their web site, evaluate their level of infrastructures which is equipped with , make sure that they are part of important associations related to the moving business and if they are in possession of Certified Quality System documentation.

Test the readiness in the Communication
Do you have specific questions to ask? Do you wish to receive the best offer as quickly as possible? It is as important to the customer as well as for our company, to receive and provide appropriate answers in the shortest possible time. To evaluate correctly the information and furnish or receive answers in a short length of time, reduces certainly the state of stress and It raises awareness to have found a reliable partner.
Measure the quality of the responses provided

Make questions and consequently receive answers is fundamental to learn the know-how of a company. The level of the answers received, the contents of the information and clarifications in the expressions is definitely a very important factor for the choice of the moving company. The feed-back pf the information often determine the success of an organization in respect to another.

Question Often Received

1. Which are the countries you provide shipping service for and on what guarantees can we rely on?

Bliss Moving & Logistics operates throughout the world through a well selected network of agents and constantly monitored by a correct and efficient Quality Control System Certified ISO9001:2008. All of our business Partners, as well as Bliss, are connected with international associations recognized worldwide (see Association’s page). These entities monitor the correct allocation of services as well as the integrity, ethical, and social responsibilities of the associates.

3. Does your company perform disposal of furniture or removal of waste?

The service of disposal is offered by our company. Final costs and possibilities are calculated and determined by understanding the category of waste referred to. Obviously, disposing of timber and textile fabrics is not equivalent to disposing of electric appliances or liquids. The recovering and disposal action is executed by respecting binding laws . A certificate is issued by the authorized disposal company which guarantees disposal.

5. During the move who is responsible for the transfer of our valuables (jewels etc.)?

Due to limited liability reasons, valuables such as jewelry, cash currency, must be transported directly by the client. No insurance company, in fact, assumes any kind of responsibility for eventual missing pieces for this kind of category.

2. What does your insurance coverage include?

Bliss Moving & Logistics, apart from the responsibility given by law, offers an exclusive insurance service in this regards: the BLISS Protection Plan”.
It reflects an all-risks insurance coverage regarding the household goods transported which covers the client fully on eventual damages, losses or pilfridge, which might be caused during transportation. Discover more on the BLISS Protection Plan in the page Other services

4. Do you provide for storage facilities for furniture?

Bliss Moving & Logistics can also supply warehouse or storage services. Our company provides for ample storage spaces for furniture and household goods , documents and logistics. The entire area, internal and external, is well protected and equipped with modern alarm systems and private night security. Our structure respects all binding rules in security matters (insurance for theft and fire risks, civil responsibility , fire extinguishers, forklifts etc.).

6. Do you handle pet shipments?

In case of such requirements, please note that Bliss Moving and Logistics has the pleasure to forward your inquiry to our associated company Bliss Pet services, which is part to the Bliss group.
Bliss Pet services exclusively operates in the relocation and transportation of domestic animals in Italy and worldwide. Bliss Pets also provides to correlating service activities such as veterinary assistance, sales of transportation units, accessories etc. We invite you to look at our page www.blisspets.eu

All the services are personalized according to your personal needs and requirements 

So, What are you waiting for? You deserve the Best for your Move!