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Are you attracted by the life of nearby Switzerland or are you facing a transfer from Italy to Switzerland for work-related reasons? Read carefully this page, it will help you find the ideal partner for your removal.

Bliss Moving & Logistics is a company specialized in international removals and offers removals from Italy to Switzerland as a European service.

Imagine waking up and finding yourself in Switzerland. Can you see yourself in your new home? Try thinking the emotions you would feel by walking inside your new home, you’re about to start an adventure.

Like all adventures, the beginning may be troublesome, stressful, full of obstacles. Make sure that your removal is not a source of such obstacles.

 Removals to Switzerland fall within the group of European removals. Just like every other destination, it is necessary to have careful and thorough knowledge of the bureaucratic procedures, movement of the goods, packing, shipment and delivery. Bliss has a highly trained team of assemblers, packers and drivers who operate diligently and in compliance with the foreseen deadlines, for the full satisfaction of the client.

removals from Italy to Switzerland

average cost

If you are moving to Switzerland, one of your first questions will indeed be: how much does a removal to Switzerland cost?

The price of a removal does not depend only on its destination, which in this case is very close to Italy and, therefore, land transportation by lorry would be more appropriate; however, what influences the price is also the type of removal.

The total volume of the goods, furniture and household goods you need to bring with you will also determine the need of more or less operators required for the moving operations in your home.

Bliss offers the following services for international removals from Italy to Switzerland:

  • You will have at your disposal a specialist who will make a survey at your present home;
  •  You will be able to choose the special Bliss Protection Plan™: a sensational all-risks insurance plan to protect your precious belongings from accidental damages;
  • You will have 24H access to the exclusive platform of online tracking: Bliss World Gateway™;
  • You will receive a document containing clear timing and procedures of your removal: Bliss Smart Planning™;
  • You will have at your disposal an on-site legal department that will be able to help you carry out the paperwork with the insurance companies in just a few days (average time of damage compensation to Bliss’s clients is 30 days).

Removals throughout Switzerland: from Lugano to Zurich

Whether you want to move to where Italian is spoken or to another city, Bliss offers removals to anywhere in Switzerland. In particular, the Ticino Canton is surely among the “simplest” ones, where you can start your new life, considering that they speak your same language. Removals to Ticino are among the most requested ones by the Italians moving there in order to start a new life. In particular, removals to Lugano and to Locarno are the most chosen ones.

If, on the contrary, you are transferring yourself on behalf of a multinational company for work-related reasons which is not based in Ticino, we are able to easily manage removals to Zurich or any other destination in Switzerland.

You’re not moving to Lugano or Zurich? Are we talking about Geneva!

The main routes from Italy to Switzerland

Another service that our clients choose the most are removals from Rome to Geneva.

Geneva is one of the most important Swiss cities. It is, indeed, the European headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross, and it is also an important banking center of the country. Its official language is French and the city, lying on the southern shores of the Geneva lake, offers a spectacular view of the Mont Blanc.

This is why removals from Rome to Switzerland often include Geneva as a major destination.

Thanks to Bliss’s Milan officeremovals from Milan to Geneva are as easy as child’s play.

Many multinational companies in Italy have their main offices in Milan and often their personnel is relocated due to work-related reasons in various European countries. Switzerland is one of the most chosen destinations and Geneva, due to its importance in the banking sector, is surely at the top of the list.

Bliss operates inside an international network and is a member of the most important field associations, such as AITI, IAM, FEDEMAC. This ensures our clients the presence of highly specialized personnel in any part of the world, including Switzerland.

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