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International removals from Italy to Spain.
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Have you decided to move to one of the breath taking cities of the Iberian Peninsula but have no idea how to choose the best partner for you to transfer your personal effects and household goods?

Such cities as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Cordoba, Seville, Valencia and Tenerife are not one of the closest destinations from Italy. That is why the detailed planning of time and recourse is crucial at this stage.

Whether you are moving because of your work, or because of personal reasons, it is not easy to coordinate the European move efficiently.

First thing that comes to your mind when you think about the moving as a process, is the practical aspect of it – how to dismantle and to pack all the furniture and belongings, that have to be reassembled and unpacked once you reach your destination.

All these small and big steps of the removal cause much stress and hustle. Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

Bliss Moving & Logistics in collaboration with the experiences and highly qualified partners and suppliers all over Spain, has the right means and instruments to assist you through all the steps of your removal and free you from all worries and troubles.

Have you been wondering what other customers have to say about their experience with us while transferring to Spain?

Below you will find some of our customers’ testimonies. These are only a few from many we have had received so far.

Removals from Italy to Spain

professional services for your company

If your needs are those of your company and you need to move the office technical and electronic equipment as well as its furniture and materials to Spain, our consultants and technical supervisors will be at your disposal not only to coordinate the service carried out by our crews but they will be there to monitor the process of the relocation in order to meet in full your instructions and follow then strictly in order to enable to respect your timeframe and the reopening of your activities at final destination.

Once you have planned the move, with the sensational method Bliss Smart Planning™, you will be assigned a personal consultant, who will be a constant point of contact and will be responsible for monitoring all stages of the transfer and will monitor the activities of the packing crew, editors and transporters until final destination.

And furthermore…
By choosing Bliss you will have the possibility to access to the sensational Bliss Protection Plan™. Nobody else offers you these kind of services, duly guaranteed!

If you will take note of our advises and assign your removal to Bliss Moving & Logistics, your only concern will be in settling down in your new home, familiarize yourself with your new job and get used to the new social way of life and its activities. All you have to do is to live this experience with serenity and positivity, which such major change deserves.

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