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International Removals from Italy to Holland.
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Are you looking for a company that is specialized in removals from Italy to Holland?

More and more families and collaborators of multinational companies are planning to move to Holland. Quite often, searching for the right information may be stressful and unproductive. “Who will assure me that my goods will be safe?”, “Will the company that I chose be fully adequate to the task?”, these are just a few of the questions that flow in the client’s mind during these moments.

We therefore want to immediately warn you about an aspect: choosing the right company for your transfer abroad is of fundamental importance. It is necessary to focus on various factors:

  • The transportation of the goods that are dear to you;
  • Customs and paperwork procedures for the shipment operations;
  • Coordination during the different phases of the service.


This means that a prompt assistance, a correct planning and execution of the service have a positive impact on the client, reducing his/her stress and agitation which, in a situation as the one described, may indeed be at high levels.

Nonetheless, I would like to reassure you, Bliss Moving & Logistics is the right company for you. For many years we have specialized in quality removals to Holland. Continue reading to learn more about transfer procedures of goods and related costs.

Removals Italy - Holland

average costs

Removals to Holland fall within the category of European Removals. Shipments going to this destination are organized mainly by land or air, contrary to those going overseas which are usually made by sea.

Determining the cost for a removal to Holland is not an easy operation. Charges are affected by different variables, such as: the type of service chosen (door to door, partial), the type of shipment (by lorry or by sea), the quantity of goods to be moved, etc.

In these cases, the best choice is surely to ask for a free estimate of the costs, so as to be able to understand exactly, based on one’s personal needs, what type of cost must be borne.

Choosing a professional and qualified partner for your removal from Italy to Holland is the best solution to live serenely and in an organized manner your transfer, i.e. an expert who carries out the technical work in the best possible way and guarantees you high quality standards, within the deadlines agreed, without any damages!

Bliss Moving & Logistics is a company specialized in international removals that can help you throughout all the concerned phases: from the actual organization of the removal to the delivery of the goods to your new home.

Being aware of the importance that the transfer of goods at an international level has for our clients, we guarantee protection of the goods, punctuality in the delivery, efficient and continued communication throughout the entire service.


The main routes from Italy to Holland

Removals from Rome to Amsterdam, offered by Bliss Moving, are studied and planned according to your needs, so as to guarantee a service tailored specifically for you.

Each request that we receive is dealt with by one of our professionals who will study all your needs and the quantity of goods to be transferred. Based on this information, he/she will draw up an ad hoc estimate of the costs.

Following the acceptance of the estimate and the signature of the contract, you will be followed directly by our IMC (International Moving Consultant) who will take you by the hand and guide you along all the phases of the shipment of your goods – from the organization of your removal to the delivery of your goods.


  • With our exclusive service Bliss Smart Planning™ you will be provided with a step-by-step planning schedule of your removal, containing a clear indication of all the phases and timings that your goods will observe during its journey. In this way, you will have an organized and timed map that will enable you to personally check the shipment.
  • Thanks to our Bliss World Gateway™ platform, you will be able to constantly monitor the progress of your removal to Amsterdam, download the most important documents, have access to information videos and to payments by credit card.

Bliss Moving can also assist its clients for removals from Milan to Amsterdam, thanks to an operational office working in the Milan area. In this way, we can guarantee a rapid coordination and organization of the shipment.

By choosing Bliss, you will have the possibility to have access to the following services:


  • Enter immediately into contact with an IMC (International Moving Consultant) who will follow you step-by-step along the entire journey of your goods;
  • Be informed on the delivery procedures of your service;
  • Benefit from a complete post-shipment assistance;
  • On-site Claims Department who will directly handle complaint actions and reminders for any thefts or incidents suffered by the goods;
  • H24 access to the multimedia platform BLISS World Gateway™, unique in its kind!!

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