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International removals from Italy to France.
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Paris, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lyon and Toulouse – this is only a short list of wonderful French cities, where our clients are moving to, either for personal or professional reasons. If you are amongst these people, who see his future outside Italy and feels the urge to find better opportunities in France, Bliss Moving & Logistics is the ideal partner for you.

Can you only imagine what are the big changes we are facing ahead? Can you already imagine your new house? What kind of emotions do you experience thinking about your destination? And what about now? What kind of thoughts and feelings come into your mind?

However, if you follow our advises and entrust your European move to Bliss Moving & Logistics, you can leave everything in our hands and make your new house feel like a home and get ready for your work environment, expanding your social circles. This big change of your life should not be anything else but an incredible beautiful and fulfilling experience that we have been so lucky to have and to be a part of.

We will take care of your move: Just sit back and relax: the professionals and experienced packers will completely take care of your household items in a safe and organized manner. We will assign to you a personal consultant who will keep you fully informed and assist you during every step of the move.

We will offer access to an online platform, that provides you with a status of your shipment constantly and gives you the possibility to download documents, get familiar with our staff and if necessary, you can make an online payment as well. Moreover, this platform gives an access to our one and only BLISS Protection Plan.

No one else can give you such a guarantee!

Choose the Best, Today! Choose Bliss and you will feel that your moving experience has never been so easy!

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Whether you belong to a company which is in need of an office removal or whether you are a private person who is about to transfer his family’s belongings along with his pets in eother cases, Bliss is your best solution! All the services are personalized according to your personal needs and requirements
So, What are you waiting for? You deserve the Best for your Move!

we'll take care of your move

Your move will be managed by professionals in the sector, who will carefully pack everything you have at home. A personal consultant will follow you closely and will be in contact with you throughout all stages of the process. You will have access to a unique online platform, where you can see the status of your move in real time, download guides and documents, learn more about our staff and, if necessary, make the payment online. In addition to all of this, you will have access to the sensational Bliss Protection Plan™. No one else offers you these guarantees!

Choose the best today! Choose Bliss and Moving will never be easier!

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