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More and more families are moving to Belgium, especially for work-related reasons. Companies and multinational corporations relocate their personnel abroad and Belgium is one of the most sought after destinations in Europe. Even the presence of the European institutions makes Belgium, and its city Brussels, one of the most requested places.

If you are also looking for an international removal service from Italy to Belgium, continue reading this page.

Choosing a removal company is an operation that must not be underestimated. Indeed, during your transfer from Italy to Belgium, you must take into account a number of things:

  • Bureaucratic procedures and paperwork
  • The transportation of the things that are dear to you
  • Making sure that everything has been carried out in the best possible way

One of the main fears of a person moving abroad is, in fact, seeing the goods of a lifetime being damaged Choosing the right international removal company will assure you a removal that is stress-free and without any worries.

International removals towards Belgium are among the most requested services in Europe. Let’s discover together more about costs and procedures.

Removals Italy-Belgium

average costs

Removals to Belgium fall within the group of European removals. Unlike overseas destinations where sea shipments are preferred, this type of removal is usually made by lorry or plane.

The cost of a removal depends on many variables. The fact that the removal of goods, furniture and personal effects is made by lorry does not imply a minor cost. Based on the volume,  there is a possibility of making groupage shipments. By groupage we mean shared transportations with other shipments using the same container, thus allowing to save on the transportation costs.

Bliss Moving is a company specialized in international removals who is able to assist you during each and every phase of the removal. When choosing a partner for a transfer, many other facts, other than price, should be taken into consideration:

  • Communication and information: before contacting the company, have you been able to find the information you needed and read the positive reviews?
  • Proactivity in replying: following an email or phone contact, does the chosen company reply promptly and exhaustively? This is the first sign of professionality;
  • Price and costs of the removal: if you received a quotation with a very low price, check immediately what has been offered;
  • A contract with clear responsibilities: transparency is very important. First of all, did you receive a contract together with the quotation? If yes, is the responsibility of the parties clear?

These are just a few of the factors to be considered when choosing.

Removal companies tend to communicate the same things: I am leader in the market, I have been on the market for many years (some of them even one hundred years), we have quality service, and so on.

But what is it that differentiates one company from another? Isn’t quality an attribution that should really go without saying in such a delicate and impactful service?

Go beyond these general definitions, examine the reviews, assess the professionality of the replies, read the contract, try to understand what distinguishes that company from the others. Choose the specialist who is able to assist you in your removal from Italy to Belgium!

The main routes from Italy to Belgium

Removals from Rome to Brussels offered by Bliss Moving & Logistics have been studied specifically to satisfy your needs, just as a suit is tailored to fit whoever buys it.

Your request will be processed by our commercial department who will examine all the aspects related to the removal and to the shipment of material and mobile goods. Upon approval of the quotation and signing of the contract, your removal will be assigned to an IMC (International Moving Consultant), who will organize the removal from A to Z. The IMC will be your reference point who will be always at your side and will reply to any doubts or perplexities you may have.

Thanks to our Bliss World Gateway platform, our customers are able to monitor the status of the international removals from Rome to Brussels, download the most important documents and pay with a credit card.

Milan is another city of departure for removals from Italy to Brussels. Lombardy’s most important city is indeed one of the Italian cities from which most people leave to go abroad for working reasons.

Thanks to its office in Milan, Bliss is able to coordinate and handle removals by assisting the customer and satisfy all his/her needs.

International removals from Milan to Brussels are usually carried out by air or lorry and our dense network of partners in Europe enables us to offer fair prices compared to the service chosen.

By choosing Bliss you will have access to the following services:

  • Immediate contact with the IMC consultants (International Moving Consultant), who will be able to reply to your first questions and doubts;
  • You will have at your disposal an expert who, without any obligation on your part, will make a home survey;
  • You will have a clear idea of your removal service’s procedure and timing;
  • You will have a full post-move assistance;
  • In case of damages, you will have at your disposal a specialized consultant who will close the case quickly and efficiently;
  • You will have H24 access to the BLISS World Gateway™ multimedia platform, which is unique in its kind!

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