Corporate Relocation: trasfer of employees arond the world

Transfer of the corporate personnel.

The transfer of corporate personnel abroad is a complex and delicate operation. During the removal phase, several personal factors, such as anxiety and stress, may come into play. This is why the company deciding to transfer its collaborators to a new seat needs to rely on the best removal organization available on the market.

A moving company specialized in Corporate Relocation should:

  • Know and understand the company’s needs;
  • Offer a dedicated consulting service on the spot in order to assess all the customer’s needs;
  • Dedicate a personal consultant for each removal service, who will be able to assist the relocated personnel from A to Z, at any moment;
  • Offer targeted planning instruments so as to avoid delays and problems;
  • Offer a full insurance plan, as in a process where multiple actors come into play in various parts of the world, the unexpected may be just around the corner;
  • Dedicate a legal department to be activated in case of need. With offices in Rome and Milan, Bliss Moving & Logistics can offer all this to its customers.

Thanks to its network of sales experts with a long experience in the moving market, Bliss is able to offer you a 100% personalized service just by carefully listening to your needs.

8 steps for an efficient transfer of your personnel

An intercontinental removal, with a door-to-door service, consists of a very precise procedure:

Inquiry Request

The very first step is the request of inquiry from the client, if there isn’t already quotes or pre-agreement.

Technical survey

A consultant from the moving company visits the company in order to assess its needs.

Estimate and contract

After the assessment of the needs, the customer will receive an estimate of the costs and, if accepted, the precise contractual conditions, together with the well-defined parties’ responsibilities.


The preliminary phase of each removal entails an ample study and a programming phase which, if it is well fulfilled, leads to an agreed plan with the customer to be meticulously implemented.

Origin services

At this stage, the moving company team goes to the home to disassemble, pack and load the goods and goods to be transported


The very first step is the request The transit phase entails the physical movement of the goods and may take place by lorry, airplane or ship, or by a combination of these means;

Destination Services

Once the goods are received in the country of destination, the team of a certified partner company will take care of the home delivery and the assembling of the furnitures.


Finally, the entire final phase is reached, at the end of the removal, during which the paperwork is concluded, i.e. the final assistance where the moving company asks the customer to evaluate his/her satisfaction with respect to the various aspects of the removal.

Removals for company personnel

You must have certainly understood how much each single STEP of a transfer process is important and extremely linked to the next one.

It is exactly for this reason that Bliss Moving has created a special program called Bliss Check Up Premium which falls within the initial phases. One of our consultants will visit your offices and accurately assess the needs and instruments required for the removal of the company’s personnel.  The access to the Bliss Check Up Premium consultancy will provide you with the following benefits:

  • An optimal management of the transfer of your collaborators and/or employees
  • Optimization and reduction of your organization’s costs and waste
  • Improvement of the company’s image with respect to its personnel

BLISS Moving & Logistics can count on the cooperation of many corporate realities originating from the most diverse sectors. We are the ideal solution for all those companies desiring to manage the worldwide transfer of their employees and collaborators in a perfect manner without headaches.

Moreover, BLISS does not handle only international removals. Being a part of the BLISS Corporation group, it can provide support to your personnel also for:

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