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Bliss Relocation is a company of the Bliss Corporation group that deals with relocation services and immigration support to families and corporate personnel moving to Italy or anywhere in the world.

Relocation services may vary from the orientation of the new neighborhood to the search of the new home, from assisting you with the paper work procedures and obtaining new documents to the selection of the right school for your children, from assisting you with the activation of the house utilities and obtaining the work permits. Bliss Relocation assists you with professionality and a personal touch.

    Relocation services for corporate personnel

    The companies that choose the services offered by Bliss Relocation to relocate their personnel will find a reliable partner by assisting the customer throughout all the steps of the transfer.

    Change is in itself a synonym of stress. Changing life, work, city and country can represent a significant and very stressing event for a person.

    Bliss’s objective is to facilitate and fully support the customer during the transfer process, and pursue customers’ maximum satisfaction.

    Besides, fully satisfying the transfer of a person generates some advantages also to the company he/she is working for.

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    So, why should a company choose us? Because it would benefit from:

    • A dedicated personal consultant, throughout the entire service
    • An optimal management for the transfer of corporate personnel
    • Optimization and reduction of waste and organization costs
    • Improvement of company image with respect to its personnel

    The Bliss Relocation team has a long experience and will be able to support you with care and attention, freeing you from the stress produced by the transfer. Respect and ethics are our true guiding values…

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    LThe BLISS Moving & Logistics aims to protect the privacy of its customers and will do everything possible to ensure that the processing of personal data is processed in respect of the rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of persons with particular reference to privacy and personal identity according to Italian Legislative Decree 196/03.
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