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Moving, in general, is synonymous of change! We don’t mean only of a home or office, but also of a style of life. We can easily imagine how much the change of a condition, together with dealing with a series of bureaucratic aspects, can be a source of stress and anxiety. For international removals everything is amplified and becomes more complicated, both emotionally and technically.

If you are looking for the best solution for your international removal and you want to feel safe without falling into any kind of problem, you are in the right spot and the following will be the most important reading you will do!

Choose the specialists of International Removals! We will help you to move easily from anywhere you want to anywhere in the world.

Being aware of the difficulties of an International removal, whether small or large, we will help you to move easily showing you clearly the modalities and timing of your removal, putting you in the hands of a personal consultant with whom you may have a constant contact reducing the possibilities of damages and delays to the minimum!

International removals from Italy towards foreign countries are performed via sea, via air or via surface; the choice is made on the basis of your requested transit time, final destination, or volume and type of goods to be moved.

  • 867 families moved in 2015
  • Average of satisfaction of clients 93%
  • Average of claims 4%
  • Average timing of claim refunds not superior to 30 days
International Moving

International Moving

Thinking about moving abroad but don’t even know where to start with? Find a specialist to rely on! BLISS helps you to deal with your move without any stress, even if you’re moving to the other side of the world! How? Click here and find out!

European Removals

European Removals

You’re moving to another European country? No matter your destination, Bliss will provide the best solution that suits your needs. Discover the benefits of choosing Bliss Moving & Logistics for your intra-European move.

Additional Services

Additional services

The International Relocation often includes Special Transports such as fine art, safes, cars or motorcycles. BLISS is able to accommodate all your needs: we have developed special procedures to guarantee a safe transport of your belongings.

International transport: bureaucratic aspects

The international removal is a very complex process, both practical and bureaucratic.

There are many factors involved, starting from the airline companies or steamship lines, to the regulations for the executions of the customs formalities, up to the management of communications with the foreign agents. All require a considerable technical knowledge to achieve the programmed result.

What to do, then? How to choose the right partner?

You have probably noted that many moving companies say the same things… they communicate and attribute to themselves “qualities” that a professional in the moving field should have, no matter what, because of the particular service offered. No one really tells you how they do their job or shows you what are the tools they put at your disposal!

It is you who risks on who to choose… In a few words, you feel as being the mover of yourself.

For this specific reason, choosing BLISS Moving & Logistics will give you the possibility to access and navigate within a unique area reserved to you, get in touch with your Personal Consultant specialized in the international moving field. Furthermore, the Operations department is supported by a Legal office which facilitates and resolves legal problems related to customs and foreign countries regulations.

Choosing to rely on the specialist of International removals represents the best solution for your move, stress-free!

You and your family deserve the best for your move. Really the Best!

Do you want to know what would be the cost for your move? Send us a request to receive an estimate free of charge, without any obligation.

Our services

House and office removals

Transport and shipping of cars and motorcycles

Transport and shipping of pianos and safes

Import-export customs formalities

Logistics and distribution

Transport and shipping of fine arts and art works

Short and long term storage of housheold goods and furniture

Archive of documents

Bliss Pet Services: Worldwide Pet Relocation

Bliss Moving & Logistics is part of the Bliss Corporation group, the world mobility experts. If you are planning to move abroad and don’t know how to bring along your four-legged best friend (dog, cat or any other pet), Bliss has the right solution for you: Bliss Pet Services.

Bliss Pets is a company specialized in the transport and shipment of pets throughout the world. Our mission is to united families wherever they may be moving, focusing on the welfare and safety of animals in transit.

Visit our web site for more information and learn more about our services!

Trasporto animali nel mondo - Bliss

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